Nurbiosis is not a formal association. We just gave a name to a joint between an IT company and a couple of Web programmers that are working together to help out customers. We keep flexible and we're reducing customer's expenses in this form.

Rodax Management

Started as a Romanian small business some 15 years ago, Rodax steadily grew to provide IT services for several European companies. The filosophy of the company is focused solely on quality and helpfullness; aggresive growth has never been a point.

Having some 25+ engineers, Rodax is able to provide IT services for businesses. All kinds of businesses. From little professional offices, to universities, to companies like the Romanian subsidiary of Microsoft.

As for Nurbiosis, Rodax brings two valuable things: the IT infrastructure, and business process knowledge. Being involved in supporting various businesses, Rodax engineers do know about business process automation through IT. So they provide developers with insights on how to build applications; they are a bridge between business people and those geeky programmers.

Viorel Alexandru

Pingu has been working as a Web developer for Microsoft Romania since graduated computer science from Politehnica university in Bucharest. He has some 15+ years of experience with Microsoft technologies, usage scenarios, and a bit about licensing and marketing.

ASP.NET with C#, SQL Server and Photoshop are the main technologies Pingu is using in Web applications development. As a certified trainer, Pingu is also able and willing to share with others his experience during training sessions.