BeezMart is a working project for a small CRM solution. It also supports issuing invoices and tracking the payments, logging activities on projects in a TimeSheet module, and archiving files in Cloud to an Azure blob storage.

From the beginning this app was designed to run in the browser, hosted on-premises or in the Cloud for highest performance and reliability. It features responsive design so it can be used on multiple devices, having different form-factors. Data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database, with files archived in an Azure Blob storage account.

Download BeezMart

BeezMart is a plain Asp.Net Core application, and hosting it does not present special requirements. Find here info about hosting such apps.

It was designed from the start to work as Cloud-ready application. This is the recommended hosting option for reliability and security.

The application can also be hosted on your own local server, still. It works best on a Windows Server but you can also run it from a Linux machine.